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GSA-owners-imgGymnastics of San Antonio challenges children of all ages with programs that are developmentally appropriate to their skill level.

Your child will grow physically, emotionally and socially with every new skill learned!  He/she will gain the discipline and confidence needed to embrace a life of endless possibilities!

Our curriculum will instill your child with confidence so that he/she will be willing to try new skills! We will give your student time to work on basic skills so that he/she can build a strong physical and emotional foundation. A strong foundation will allow him/her to more easily learn the intermediate and advanced skills and will help to prevent both physical and emotional injury.



We are very proud of the quality of our coaching staff!

Our staff retention is very high compared to other gymnastics facilities and we work hard to keep it that way.  We understand the attachment that children have to their coach and the importance of keeping the same coach with a class.
Our coaching staff completes a rigorous training course before they begin coaching.   Each coach is also required to obtain the USA Gymnastics Safety Certificate, First Aid and Adult/Child CPR.


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