Student athletes can learn a great deal through our weekly gymnastics classes and programs, but our events kick things up another notch. We are proud to organize and host all kinds of events at our gymnastics club in San Antonio, and we know that parents and kids alike look forward to these events throughout the year. From celebrations to extracurricular activities, you can find what you’re looking for in our community. 

Explore our gymnastics clubs in San Antonio.

Epic Birthday Parties 

Make your child's birthday party unforgettable at Gymnastics of San Antonio! They’ll enjoy exclusive access to our spacious facility for a fun-filled afternoon with friends and family. Our skilled coaches will guide the kids through tumbling tricks, thrilling games, and more. From somersaults to balance beam challenges, your guests will flip over the excitement and entertainment. 

Our birthday package includes everything you need for a fun and memorable party: personalized invitations, a birthday gymnastics medal, a cool celebratory t-shirt, base decorations, tasty refreshments, awesome party favors, and more! Let us take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy the celebration. Learn more about our birthday party events for kids at our gymnastics club in San Antonio. 


Take a Break with Parent’s Night Out 

When’s the last time you went out with your significant other and didn’t bring the kids along? If it’s been a while, you won't want to miss our Parent's Night Out events at Gymnastics of San Antonio! Just drop off your kids (ages 4+) every 2nd Saturday from 5-9 pm for a night of supervised fun. 

Parents can enjoy a worry-free night out thanks to our coach-led gymnastics activities and games. For approximately 4 hours, children will be entertained, fed pizza, and supervised by our experienced staff. We offer discounts for members, multiple siblings, and pre-registration until the Friday before the event. Our Parent’s Night Out events are the perfect solution for a much-needed date night, and your kids will be ready for bed by the time you pick them up. Trust GOSA to provide a fun and safe environment for your kids while you enjoy a night out on the town! 


Explore our gymnastics clubs in San Antonio.
Explore our gymnastics clubs in San Antonio.

Show Off Days and Coach + Parent Conferences  

Each quarter, we host show off days for all gymnasts to demonstrate their skills to parents and build their confidence. These events are a wonderful way to celebrate your child's achievements, provide encouragement for their continued growth in the sport, and see your child’s progress first-hand. We invite parents to come out to the gym floor to watch and take photos. Please refer to our event calendar for exact dates. 

Unlike other gymnastics clubs in San Antonio, we also hold coach+ parent conferences which provide a personalized opportunity to discuss your child's development with their instructor and set goals for their future success in gymnastics. These quarterly meetings ensure that you are informed and involved in your child's gymnastics journey. 

Annual Acrobatics Competition

We host a USA Gymnastics sanctioned Acrobatic Gymnastics meet called “Your Time to Shine” for Jr. Olympic levels 2-6.  Teams from around the South Texas area attend. It’s a great opportunity to see firsthand what this exciting program is all about.

Explore our gymnastics clubs in San Antonio.

Get Started with Our Gymnastics Club in San Antonio 

Is your child interested in gymnastics? Have they been passionate about tumbling or acrobatic activities? If so, our weekly, monthly, and quarterly events are great opportunities to support their skill development and build their athletic prowess. 

Get in touch with our gymnastics club in San Antonio today to learn more about our events and reserve your child’s spot.