Are you looking for ways to elevate your gymnastics game or improve the athletic abilities of your kids? Our competitive team programs at Gymnastics of San Antonio could be the perfect fit for your needs! Our trampoline and tumbling team and our acrobatics team offer advanced training and coaching to help youth athletes reach their full potential in the sport. Our experienced coaches have a strong track record of producing champions at state and national levels, many of which have even gone on to represent the USA in international gymnastics competitions. If you're looking for competitive gymnastics' teams in San Antonio, you’ve come to the right place. 

At our organization, youth gymnasts can compete in sanctioned events through USA Gymnastics Development Programs, giving them the chance to showcase their skills on a larger stage. Explore our local teams and what we can offer youth athletes today. 

Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.

Trampoline & Tumbling Team 

Our Trampoline & Tumbling Team follows the USA Gymnastics Development Program guidelines and students receive individualized coaching to help each athlete reach their full potential. From Levels 1-7, we focus on mastering the basics of trampoline and tumbling techniques in a gradual manner. As athletes progress to Levels 8-10 and Open, they have the freedom to customize their routines to showcase their unique strengths and preferences. We emphasize proper conditioning and injury prevention techniques to keep our athletes healthy throughout their training. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics Team 

Our Acrobatic Gymnastics Team adheres to the USA Gymnastics Development recommendations and is structured into different levels. Levels 2-5 perform a combined compulsory exercise, with Levels 2-4 serving as the entry point for athletes new to competitive acrobatics. These exercises are meticulously choreographed, with room for artistic expression and additional choreography. 

Moving up to Levels 6-7, athletes have the flexibility to select elements from balance, dynamic, and individual categories to incorporate into their routines. As athletes progress to Levels 8-10, they perform two acrobatic exercises focusing on balance and dynamic elements. Level 8 introduces a combination of compulsory skills and optional elements, providing a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and creativity in their routines. 

Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.

Explore Our Gymnastics Team Programs Near You 

Tryouts for our competitive gymnastics teams in San Antonio are held twice a year. Both teams participate in competitions throughout the South Texas region. Nationals are the pinnacle of the season, where qualified athletes have the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national stage, often traveling to different parts of the United States. Despite the competitive nature of the sport, we strive to make participation accessible to all families, regardless of income. This commitment is reflected in our efforts to keep uniform fees and competition costs affordable, without any additional markups. 

At Gymnastics of San Antonio, our focus goes beyond just competition, with a philosophy centered on maintaining a healthy balance between sports and personal life for young athletes. Our coaching staff is committed to optimizing practice sessions to make them efficient and productive, ensuring that athletes can spend quality time with their families and enjoy a well-rounded childhood experience. 

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