We take immense pride in the exceptional caliber of our gymnastics coaching staff! Compared to other gymnastics facilities in the area, our staff retention rates are significantly higher, and we put in tremendous effort to maintain this achievement. We understand the strong bond that children form with their gymnastics coaches in San Antonio and the crucial role a consistent coach plays in their development. At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we work hard to build that essential relationship, inspire students, and help them build critical skills that will last a lifetime. 

How Our Coaching Staff Stands Out at Gymnastics of San Antonio 

To ensure the highest level of expertise, our coaching staff undergoes a rigorous training course before they begin coaching, so we can provide excellent instruction at every level. This comprehensive training equips our gymnastics coaches with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach gymnastics. In addition, each coach on our staff is required to obtain the USA Gymnastics Safety Certificate, to help provide a secure environment of our students. And all coaches are trained and certified in First Aid and Adult/Child CPR, further enhancing our abilities to handle any potential emergencies. 

To continuously enhance the skills of our gymnastics coaches in San Antonio and stay up-to-date with the latest industry best practices, our owner, Shelly Hair, encourages our coaching staff to attend the Gymnastics Association of Texas (GAT) Convention each year. This convention provides an invaluable opportunity for our coaches to attend classes taught by high caliber gymnastics professionals, including national-level coaches and well-known individuals in the gymnastics community. 

“It is common in our industry for recreational classes to be coached by inexperienced and/or very young coaches.  My passion is to provide exceptional coaching at every level.  It starts with our preschool classes and culminates in our upper level recreational classes/competitive teams. “ 

Level Up Your Child’s Athletic Skills with Our Gymnastics Coaches in San Antonio 

At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we offer top-notch gymnastics coaching services that will help your children build new gymnastics skills, enhance their athletic abilities, and gain self-confidence. Our experienced gymnastics and tumbling coaches provide personalized attention and guidance in all our programs, creating a supportive and motivating environment for gymnasts in San Antonio. Whether your child is just a beginner or on a more advanced path, our training facility and dedicated team will help your student gymnast reach new heights, achieve their gymnastics goals, and unlock their full potential. 

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