At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we offer diverse programs for children, teens, and adults, focusing on physical fitness, skill development, and fun activities. Our tailored classes promote growth in various areas, including strength, resilience, confidence, and discipline, ensuring sound progression from basic to advanced techniques. No matter your age or skill level, GOSA is here to help you become a champion in and out of the gym! 

Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.

Recreational Gymnastics Classes in San Antonio 

Ages 18 months to 18 years 

From toddlers to teenagers, we offer a wonderful variety of boys and girls gymnastics classes including basic gymnastics, trampoline + tumbling, and general tumbling classes in San Antonio. Our welcoming coaches work hard to provide your young athlete with the time and support needed to master important skills. Through a focus on creating a solid foundation, we set the stage for easy progression to more advanced techniques with these invigorating recreational gymnastics classes in San Antonio. 


Competitive Gymnastics Teams 

Ages 6 and Up 

Are your kids ready to take their gymnastics abilities to new heights? Are they looking for a new challenge? Then our competitive gymnastics team program is perfect for your kids! Designed for students who have mastered our foundational recreational level skills, this gymnastics program is your chance to shine in the world of competitive gymnastics. Get ready to conquer the vault, the uneven bars, the balance beam, and floor exercises like never before! 

We currently offer competitive teams for Girl's Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline, and Acrobatic Gymnastics.  Each team trains intensively to perfect their routines and competes in various levels of the USA Gymnastics Development Program. Students are referred by their coach or recruited during open tryouts (held 3 times a year).


Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.

After-School Pickup Program 

Our after-school pickup program offers fun and engaging activities each day, including a one-hour gymnastics class. That's 5 hours per week of fun gymnastics classes in San Antonio right after school! Our convenient pickup service makes it easy for your kids to get to the gym and burn off energy while learning new skills. This program provides a great outlet for kids to express themselves, stay active, and build friendships. Plus, our dedicated staff will help your child develop important life skills and reach new heights. 


Open Gyms 

Looking to enhance your gymnastics abilities or those of your kids? At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we host open gym sessions for various age groups to practice in a coach-supervised setting. Our open tumbling classes in San Antonio offer gymnasts the chance to refine skills, perfect routines, and enjoy trying out different equipment. Whether you're a new gymnast who’s just starting out, a parent looking for a fun playtime activity for your toddler, or a competitive athlete working on skill advancement, our open gym sessions accommodate all levels of athleticism. 


Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.
Browse tumbling classes and gymnastics classes in San Antonio.

Summer Camps 

Our gymnastics summer camps are the perfect blend of fun and skill-building for gymnasts of all abilities. With both half-day and full-day options available, our camps offer a variety of activities and challenges to keep your child entertained all summer long. From tumbling and trampoline to balance beam and more, our experienced instructors will help your child improve their skills all while having a blast! 



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