Looking to fill up your child’s summer schedule? At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we can make your student gymnast’s summer exciting, engaging, and unforgettable through our half and full-day summer camps! Our gymnastics staff will go the extra mile to ensure that your child not only has a blast but also maintains and improves their gymnastic skills and physical fitness. Whether they’re just a beginner or have more advanced skills, our gymnastics summer camp in San Antonio caters to all skill levels. 

Throughout our 3-week-long camps, we guide student gymnasts through a wide range of fun, exciting, and educational activities and challenges. Let's dive into the details of these gymnastics summer camps and what your children stand to gain with our staff. 

Overview of our Gymnastics Summer Camps in San Antonio 

Each summer, we offer 3 camps throughout the month in June, July, and August, which cover 3 weeks of daily sessions with student gymnasts. Athletes can register either for a full week of classes or the entire 3-week summer camp. At the end of each camp, students will have the chance to demonstrate their skills at a “Show Off Day.” While each camp’s schedule may be slightly different, students can expect to follow this daily schedule: 

  • 7:30–8:30 am (Extended Care) – Open Workout 
  • 8:30-9:00 am – Goal Setting and Group Games 
  • 9:00-10:15 am – Stretching and Gymnastics Activities 
  • 10:15-10:45 am – Conditioning  
  • 10:45-11:15 am – Skills Specific Games 
  • 11:15-12:15 pm – Gymnastics Training 
  • 12:15-1:15 pm – Lunch 
  • 1:15-2:00 pm – Team Building 
  • 2:00-2:15 pm – Snack Break  
  • 3:30-6:00 (Extended Care) – Open Workout and Gymnastics Training 

Throughout the week, the kids are transported in our van to a different local restaurant each day where a hot meal is waiting for them. If needed, we can provide extended supervision for student athletes early in the morning and into the evening of our summer camps. We also include at least 1 swimming session each week at Forest Oaks Community Pool and 1 field trip each session to enhance gymnastics skills and learning. 

Our gymnastics summer camps in San Antonio are suitable for boys and girls all skill levels from ages 6-16. If you’re curious about our summer camp programs, contact our gymnastics team today. 

Attain The Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids at Our Camps 

We understand the importance of promoting an active lifestyle for kids, which is why our gymnastics summer camps in San Antonio include a wide range of engaging group games that encourage physical movement and social interaction. The bulk of each day consists of 3 cumulative hours of gymnastics training to help student gymnasts hone their skills and improve their techniques. 

In addition, we prioritize the overall fitness of our students by incorporating 30 minutes of daily conditioning exercises, which helps them build strength, endurance, and flexibility. And those aren’t the only benefits your kids stand to gain at our summer camps.

gymnastics summer camp san antonio

Setting and Achieving Goals 

Every single week, our staff guide students through goal setting sessions to kick off the summer camp. During this goal setting activity, we encourage our students to jot down their desired conditioning and gymnastics skill goals. Throughout the week, we closely monitor each student’s progress and provide them with the necessary support and guidance. 

Finally, on Fridays, we gather to celebrate each student’s achievements and reward their hard work. To commemorate their accomplishments, we present each student with a well-deserved certificate at the end of session on Show Off Day that proudly displays all the goals they successfully accomplished during the summer camp. 

Emphasis on Teamwork  

Our gymnastics summer camp in San Antonio aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students can not only improve their physical abilities but also develop essential life skills that will benefit them in various aspects of their lives. 

Through group games and team-building exercises, students learn how to communicate effectively, problem solve, and collaborate with others. They also gain a deeper understanding of the significance of teamwork and the positive impact it can have on achieving common goals. 

gymnastics summer camp san antonio
gymnastics summer camp san antonio

Enhance Focus and Concentration 

As previously mentioned, our camp days include at least 3 hours of gymnastics instruction each day. This instruction not only provides participants with a rigorous physical workout but also enhances their cognitive abilities. Through this intensive, yet fun training, students develop a strong sense of discipline, perseverance, and mental focus.  

Gymnastics requires students to constantly challenge themselves and push their limits, both physically and mentally. They must concentrate deeply to learn and execute complex skills like flips, twists, and balance routines. This level of concentration can improve both their athletic performance and overall cognitive skills, including problem-solving, spatial awareness, and coordination. 

Strengthen Motor Skills for Academic Success 

At Gymnastics of San Antonio, our summer camps offer students a unique opportunity to engage in motor skill learning activities that have been shown to improve academic success. The more students participate in motor learning, the more densely wired their brains become for success in a range of academic pursuits. 

gymnastics summer camp san antonio

Reserve Your Child’s Spot at our Gymnastics Summer Camps in San Antonio 

From learning fundamental gymnastics skills to building confidence and fostering friendships, our camps offer a fun and supportive environment for your child to thrive. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to keep your child active, engaged, and busy throughout the summer months. 

Contact Gymnastics of San Antonio today to register your children for our next summer camp program! 

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