At Gymnastics of San Antonio, we aim to prioritize the safety and happiness of every student. To support that goal, our dedicated coaching staff undergoes thorough training before working with any students, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide a safe and supportive environment. All our gymnastics coaches hold certifications in USA Gymnastics Safety, First Aid, and Adult/Child CPR. We rely on a wealth of gymnastics resources in San Antonio to train, educate, and support our staff, and deliver the most optimal outcomes for our students. 

We follow a progressive gymnastics curriculum based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Development Program, which is designed to cater to students of all skill levels and physical abilities. Our goal is to foster a positive and inclusive learning experience for every child who walks through our doors, and we will provide more than just gymnastics tips and instruction to every student. Our programs are guided by the following gymnastics resources for San Antonio athletes, and we invite you to explore them for yourself to learn about the high standards we aim to uphold. 

USAG Junior Development Program 

The USA Gymnastics Junior Development Program (formerly known as the Junior Olympic or JO Program) is designed to provide a structured training plan for gymnasts to help them build skills and elevate their performance. Gymnasts start at Level 1 and progress through the levels up to 10 as they master the necessary skills. The program emphasizes the development of one’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and technique in the four Olympic events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. 

Each level has specific skill requirements that gymnasts must demonstrate to advance to the next level. Our coaches work closely with the gymnasts to help them achieve their goals and progress through the program in a sustainable manner. 

For more information on the Junior Development Program, visit the USAG website: 

Texas USA Gymnastics 

For our competitive teams, the Texas USA Gymnastics website is full of valuable information about upcoming competitions, rules and regulations, and important announcements. Parents and athletes can access detailed information on competition schedules, registration deadlines, and venue locations through this gymnastics resource in San Antonio. Additionally, this organization offers many insights and resources such as rulebooks, code of points, and updates on any rule changes or modifications. 

If your student athlete wants to participate at a competitive level, check out the gymnastics tips in San Antonio listed on the Texas USA Gymnastics website. 

Texas Acrobatic Gymnastics Association 

Also known as the Texas Acro, the Texas Acrobatic Gymnastics Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing competitive acrobatic gymnastics. The sport is governed in the United States by USA Gymnastics, following FIG regulations. The Texas Acro serves as a gymnastics resource for clubs, coaches, and athletes interested in acrobatic gymnastics, offering support and guidance for those looking to establish programs in Texas. 

Health and Wellness Resources for Gymnasts

Gymnastics, especially on the competitive level, can be very strenuous both physically and mentally. It is important for all involved to prioritize the well-being of young gymnasts, including monitoring their physical and mental health, ensuring they have proper nutrition and rest, and creating a positive and supportive training environment. By taking a holistic approach to gymnastics training, athletes can reach their full potential while also staying healthy and happy. Check out the additional resources from USAG for helpful insights on health and wellness for gymnasts.

Explore More Gymnastics Resources in San Antonio 

If you’re searching for additional gymnastics resources or other gymnastics tips for San Antonio gymnasts, please reach out to our team! We’re passionate about education and we are happy to provide helpful information for all gymnasts. 

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